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For English closed captions and subtitles in 17 languages, click on the “CC” icon on the bottom right side of the screen.  Don’t see your language? Contact us to find out how you can create and share subtitles on

A Note from Lost People Films:

We are offering the film free of charge for a limited time. For educational institutions or organizations which would like to purchase the film for institutional use, please see the K-12 school and University packages available at our STORE.

discussion guide Click here to download a free Discussion Guide for the Film (recommended by International Baccalaureate Schools).

  1. roy hauyaroy hauya02-10-2015


  2. OliviaOlivia03-07-2019

    Thank you for making this film! I will share with those who will listen and watch as well.

  3. Paul ChevancePaul Chevance05-17-2019

    Excellent movie!! Thank you!!

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