CONNECTING THE DOTS:  The way we educate children lies at the heart of our culture, our economy, our ecology – our schools both mirror our society and reliably reproduce it into the future. Schools as we know them today are generating a world with vast extremes of wealth and poverty, a world with a devastating impact on natural ecosystems, a world in which family breakdown and individual psychological distress are epidemic. Yet very few people question whether these same schools are the ideal vehicle for solving the problems that we face. Some of the videos below show us what we can learn from other cultures’ ways of learning about and understanding the world; others show us the ways our current school system is failing to support the creativity and diversity we will need to face the challenges of the 21st century. We encourage you to watch the videos together and connect the dots for yourself: how can we re-imagine learning and culture in a way that supports individual creativity, cultural diversity, economic justice, and a sustainable relationship to the environment?

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  1. AugustoAugusto12-22-2013

    Hi! Great site. You should add the great movie “The Forbidden Education” to your list of videos. It is a really famous latin american film. See:

  2. Thank you!

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"Generations from now we'll look back and say, 'How could we have done this kind of thing to people?'"