Dolma Tsering

“Traditionally we raised our children according to the teachings of the Buddha. Now, with development, everyone sends their children to school. Now they all think, ‘I want to be a doctor, I want to be an engineer.’ The traditional ways of kindness, compassion, and helping one another are slowly dying out."

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Manish Jain

“One of the things that is most disturbing to me — on a level of justice and morality — is that you have an institution that is in place globally that is labelling millions and millions of innocent people as failures."

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Vandana Shiva

"We've moved from wisdom to knowledge, and now we're moving from knowledge to information, and that information is so partial – that we're creating incomplete human beings."

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Helena Norberg-Hodge

“There is an assumption that western education, western knowledge, is something that is superior… there is an idea that we have evolved to a higher level of being, and that these people, however lovely they are, they’re going to benefit from this superior knowledge."

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Wade Davis

“These peoples, these cultures, are not failed attempts at being us — they are unique answers to the fundamental question, ‘What does it mean to be human and alive?"

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"Generations from now we'll look back and say, 'How could we have done this kind of thing to people?'"