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  1. Joe BlumJoe Blum07-07-2011

    I downloaded and watched your film today. It is very well crafted.

  2. muhammad shoaibmuhammad shoaib07-24-2011


  3. One of the finest movie on education ever made 🙂 Kudos 🙂

  4. Jefferson FranciscoJefferson Francisco11-08-2011

    This is an extraordinay piece of work. “We are moving from knowledge to information and that information is so partial that we are creating incomplete human beings. They are in-between people and they are falling through the crack of an in-between world”

    • Anushka BlissAnushka Bliss01-18-2016

      I thought it said ” we are moving from wisdom to knowledge, & from knowledge to information…

  5. JUdy ArthurJUdy Arthur06-10-2012

    Great Trailer,
    I am writing a book titled The Truth About Learning and your beliefs in wanting to educate your children to be complete whole people, without the factory system of our formal education systems, is correct, from my view and knowledge. Our formal systems of education are not based on reality of how we cam best develop into emotional, spiritual and intelligent whole adults. My book is based on discoveries of an Adult Educator who died before he had a chance to share them with the world, so I’m trying to do just that for him. Real Learning is a self-directed process that I can write about in detail…enough detail to have this information researched. Your people deserve a way that proves all of us have genius in us at birth. It’s our external environment that slowly takes it away our creative genius by sending our children to mostly non-learning environments their whole growing up years. Thank you for using your talents and knowledge to help change this old Industrial mode of thinking. We need diversity, not sameness. Other cultures have much to teach is all. Your Trailer hit home with me on that point.

    • Sophia SchatzSophia Schatz09-26-2014

      I am currently writing a university project about dominating knowledge and alternative schools in India, and I would love to read your book. How can I get access to it? Unfortunately, I cannot find anything about it online.

    • markmark03-23-2015

      I look forward to your book Judy.
      Please notify me when it’s available to buy,.

  6. Sarah GodoySarah Godoy06-27-2013

    This film makes me cry my heart out. To be honest it doesn’t give me much hope for the future but it has helped me see an important truth. How deeply we have all been indoctrinated into a system whereby we unquestioningly hand over our children to be ‘educated’. And what we have to show for it is the ubiquity of the Capitalist Dream. I hope that some cultures can escape the clutches of this machine and some dignity can be restored to its innocent victims. Thank you to everyone who participated in making this film a reality.

  7. Nicole BradfordNicole Bradford01-22-2014

    This trailer touched me deeply, I will watch the full movie soon with some of my friends. I have been inquiring into this area of life for some time, as a mother and as an entrepreneurial/DIY/resourceful person without “credentials”… I became a mother rather than a student/employee when I was at such a loss as to who I was and where I fit in. By now my brightest hope for education is in the Sudbury Valley School model (please google it)…I am completely unaffiliated with them except by values, philosophy etc…. I KNOW children most need love, self-knowledge, knowledge of others through the examples that surround them, mentoring and to ask all their questions and try all their experiments…and their natural desire to contribute will inevitably lead to them contributing what and who they are…and if they were free to do this, I believe we would have abundance on Earth indeed.

    • DianaDiana01-25-2016

      Wow! The Sudbury Valley School model is AMAZING! Thank you so much for leading me to it.

  8. PatrikPatrik10-29-2014

    Pax Romana, Pax Americana …Pax Economica? Just thought of it after i saw “The white mans last burden”
    Is Economics be the new form of Imperialism?

  9. Geoff BerryGeoff Berry10-20-2015

    Beautiful, wonderful. Thanks for making this. I will share it widely.

  10. Excellent, beautiful, and most relevant to the problems of “globalization” that have put the very Earth that births and sustains us, life, at grave risk. The imposition of the arrogant cosmology (Abrahamic) and economics (Capitalism) of empire upon indigenous peoples through language and “education” is nothing more than the continuation of European conquest and colonization (and slavery) resulting from the “discovery” of the “New World” and the routes it opened at the end of the 15th century. (Despite its geographical location, the U.S. is a European culture and empire in all essential aspects.) I congratulate you on so beautifully presenting this problem of contemporary conquest and exploitation.

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"Generations from now we'll look back and say, 'How could we have done this kind of thing to people?'"